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Today is the last day for us in English Club because we will separate to prepare the final exam and also the last day for the ninth graders in joining the English Club. To be frank, it is a really emotional day for us, because we may not get to see our native speakers again. Harvey and Ella made the speech about their experiences attending English club, their fights and  rambles. The time we debated and rivalled each other, it’s truly an unforgettable experience. All of us are sad and also Ms. Jennifer, she almost cried. At first we were assigned to Ms. Jennifer since it's the last day for us and we still get to see Ms. Jennifer since she is our main native speaker. she gave up her spot and gave it to Mr. Emmet. Then we entered to our breakout rooms.


7th Grade

In this room Miss Jennifer talked about her students, she was so sad because today is the last day for 9th grade in this English club, she will not see her favorite students again, then Miss Jennifer talked about Christmas, In this topic we planned for holiday and also made for Christmas decoration.

After that we played It is online free multiplayer drawing and guessing game. One game consists of a few rounds in which every round a player is chosen to draw something then the others will guess what it is to get points. The person with the most points at the end of game will then be crowned as the winner. There are some students that play this game such as Matacha, Celine, Ganes, and others. They drew funny things like a booger, baby, sandwich, burger, and many more. We are very fun in this room. Thank you for Miss Jennifer.


8th Grade

Today, we got a new teacher. His name is Axel, we had a lot of fun.

First, Mr. Axel told us to get the papers and pencils. We were told to write the words according to the categories that Mr. Axel gave. Then, we had to read a few sentences by entering the words we had written. When we read the sentence, there are some people who wrote inappropriate sentence, that’s made the sentences sound funny. After that we played the game. The theme of the game it’s “guess the name”. So, Mr. Axel gave us the clue of the name of person. If you want to answer question from Mr. Axel, you had to raise hand first. If Mr. Axel called your name, you could answer the question. Today, we had a match between boys and girls. And the winner is the boys. After the match, Mr. Axel gave us the quiz. We had to mention the biggest animal in the world and that animal is the blue whale. Then, we talked about the biggest animal on the land and that animal is the elephant. The Elephants have 2 types, they are African elephants and Asian elephants. We mostly talked about African elephants. We were so happy with Mr. Axel, he gave the new colour in our English Club.


9th Grade

In Mr. Emmet’s class we were given the chance to watch one of his old you tube videos. The video was about him reacting to this other you tuber playing games and he played this ‘bule’ act for an added shock factor. After watching one of his videos somehow we talked about cartoons of our childhood and we would ramble on and on about our favorites and somehow it felt homey in a sense. Then the time came, we must go back to the main room.


It’s a sad moment of course, the sad routine we gone through for almost a year suddenly being gone from our schedule, this is fun activity where we just talked casually, but like what Mr. Axel said “it’s maybe sad for us, once the silence of the classroom hits you, you finally realized that you miss them but it is a good moment for them” and that is our journey in the English club. As the saying goes, when there is a meeting, there’s also a separation. Good luck for you the ninth graders and God bless.



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Aurora Pelangi Maheswari 7C1/07

Rebecca Claudia Christine 8C5/27

Immanuella Keisha Hutabarat 9C2/12


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